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Allie's Story


Allie Mae Perkins

My name is Allie Mae Perkins and I am the Founder and CEO of  two companies Confident Girl Brand and The Beautiful Life LLC.  My lifes mission is to leave everyone I meet a little better, a little happier and at the end of it all a little more confident when they leave my presence.  The saying a smile goes a long way I take that to heart and like to infect all those I meets with a warm smile, positive energy, and words on inspiration.  

Like many young girls and women I battled for years the pressures of living with the labels people put on as if those labels were my identity.  Words and phrases that echoed in my head as a child, teenager and young adult was you will never amount to anything, too dumb to go to college, you are so weird, and so much more that probably should be repeated.  I understand what it's like to live with a mask to covering up my insecurities and pains and not believing in myself.  Being told multiple times I was too dumb to go to college I worked hard to graduated high school with honors and was accepted on the post to attend California State University of Fresno. Still all I seen myself as was a dumb girl trying to get through college.  I went on to attend design school getting a 2nd degree in Fashion Design and still all I seen was that dumb girl.  Wait dumb girls don't get two degree's do they?  I had to stop and really see myself through new lenses and not the lenses of my childhood dramas.  Over time I started believing in myself, understanding my power and taping in my strength.  I began  redefine myself and start the process of shedding off the old Allie and her old mindset.  That's not to say I have fully arrived because in life we are always growing, always changing through the challenges life throws us.

My pain, hurts, and seasons of depression has given me the passion and a new life purpose  to help other young girls and women see and own their power, their beauty, their dreams, and idea they yes they truly can do and be anything they put their mind.  I travel and attend women's conferences, workshops, school programs with the soul purpose of being a light to other girls 


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The Foundation of CGB

Confident Girl Brand started under the umbrella of The Beautiful Life LLC company in December of 2018 in Bakersfield, Ca. Launched as a Summer Camp for Junior High and HighsSchool aged girls under the name The Confidence Camp.  Confident Girl was renamed and newly launch in April 2020 during the global pandemic.  With our sister company The Beautiful Life LLC shutdown due to stay at homes orders and Covid restrictions the down time allowed Confident Girl Brand to be re-birthed with new purpose and an identify of its own.


At the Confident Girl Brand we believe "In the mind of a confident girl there is nothing she can't do." This belief is the foundation of the focus behind all our products and services created by the CGB team. 


To Equip women and young girls with the tools and knowledge to trust her own abilities, judgments and belief that she can successfully face day to day challenges with confidence. 


​To help young to the fabulous mature woman see and own her inner strength.  What if one day having a women as President in the White House was normal because girls came up believing and know absolutely nothing is off limits for them.  What if women errand more money then men and glass ceilings was a thing of the past? The what if's of today at Confident Girl Brand is soon a thing of past as girls stand up in confidence and own their power.