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"In the mind of a CONFIDENT GIRL

there is NOTHING she can't do."                                                                 - Allie Mae Perkins


Elevating CONFIDENCE. Period. Point. Blank!

What is confidence really??

Confidence can be viewed several different ways. Demonstrating confidence can look like believing in yourself, feeling comfortable in your own skin, or knowing your worth. For some confidence is expressed If you are confident, Most people can agree that confidence is attractive, can bring one great success in life.  All these things are true about confidence but the most important key to being confident is to understand that at the end of the day confidence is a skill and it gets stronger like a muscle the more we use it.  Similar to the world we live in confidence looks different for everyone. It's not a onesize fits all and this is why CGB was created.

At Confident Girl Brand we are passionate about helping girls of all ages understand and grow in confidence. By providing products that reflects confidence, hosting camps and workshops that educates young girls and women on taping into the knowlge, acceptance, and execution on beliving I CAN, I WILL, I MUST!!

What I think of myself is more important than what others think of me




I love wearing Confident Girl Brand t-shirts. I purchase shirts for myself and my two daughters every time new shirts come out.  The quality is amazing and even after multiple washes they still look good and feel good.


I am so excited for this brand and everything it stands for.  For we need more people helping young girls and even adult women feel  good about themselves.  I definitely support this business and love wearing my unapologetically Confident shirt.


I LOVE THESE SHIRTS.  I bought my daughter and nieces several shirts and they love wearing them out in public.  It really does give them a confidence boost.     

Be Inspired Confident Girl